About Us

Who we are

With every growing need for personal care products that work, Entice cosmetics comes with two beautiful crafted brands : The Skin Story and The Beard Story.

The Skin Story is a revelation in daily skin and hair care. With its herbal roots and scientific outlook and products that actually work as advertised, The Skin Story range is a blessing. With a complete range of personal care from face wash to shampoos, from cleaner to toners, The Skin Story will write a new story in your life.

Our Philosophy

It's very simple and true to our core beliefs.

“We will only sell those products that we and our family use”

Our world has reached a stage where we need brand owners and employees to use their own advertised products. In the past, brands would use products from other brands and will sell a cheaper quality product that they themselves cannot use.

We are not of that opinion. You will keep seeing our own people and their family and friends use these products. This is the only way we know how to build your trust. That is more important to us.