3 Common Hair Problems & How to Deal with Them

01 Dec 2020

We all have about a hundred problems and a bad hair day is definitely one of them. If not dealt with, these problems can only grow worse. What starts off as just dandruff can eventually lead to hair loss.

Here, in this article, we will talk about some of the most common hair problems and how they can be treated effectively.

      1. Dandruff

We all are familiar with the annoying snowflakes that we find on our scalp and shoulders. Dandruff can cause the scalp to produce these white flakes that are nothing but a harmless and non-inflammatory condition that severs the health of the scalp, and if not treated well, they can lead to hair loss.

Usually during the winters, the dry weather and hot water soak up all the natural essential oils from the scalp. The dry scalp then secretes excess sebum, that along with dust and other pollutants form the flakes that we see.

How to treat:

Daily cleansing of the scalp with a sulphate-free Keratin Shampoo is mighty effective. It restores the keratin levels and strengthens the hair cuticles.

Along with that, daily cleansing will help you effectively deal with the excess sebum as it restrains the build-up of the oil and skin cells.

      2. Hair Loss

Hair loss is often considered as a common problem among men. However, even women experience intense hair fall often caused due to stress, changing hormones and in some cases, menopause.

For men, it is not advisable to use hair styling products mainly because it affects the health of the hair cuticles.

How to treat:

They say hair is the reflection of one’s health. It is true. A healthy diet and daily exercise can help you restore your hair’s health significantly.

Along with a healthy routine, you must also treat your hair with a Keratin Shampoo. It restores the natural keratin levels, while moisturizing your scalp and reducing frizz.

The keratin shampoo is enriched with Argan oil, macadamia and Vitamin E oil that deeply nourishes your hair. Due to its rich formulation, this shampoo is a must buy for women with hair fall. Following these two steps regularly, will improve your hair’s health significantly.

      3. Oily/Greasy Hair

Bad weather and pollution can cumulatively damage your hair. This affects your scalp health and causes it to produce excess sebum. Sebum can be harmful as it leads to dandruff and hair fall problems. So, it is important to treat it as soon as possible.

How to treat:

It is advised to drink plenty of water and have a healthy diet. Doing so can boost your hydration levels, eventually improving your hair health effectively.

Coupling this with a good hair serum will help you a lot. The Non Sticky UV Protection Hair Serum is undoubtedly one of the best when it comes to treating oily hair. Its rich formulation with Argan oil, almond oil and vitamin e makes it a must try to nourish and improve your hair. It shields your hair holistically by protecting it from the harmful UV rays while moisturizing your hair, giving it a healthy, shiny look.