3 Essential Products You Need For Perfect Skin Health

22 Apr 2021

Skincare is an amalgamation of several practices. Good diet, routine exercise, and good skincare cohesively impact the health of your skin. We all know very well about the first two, let us explore more about the skincare products.

In times such as these, when there are tons of brands in the market and all claim themselves to be the best, no wonder you end up buying an unsuitable product all the time.

So, let us look at three essential skincare products that deserve a place in your skincare cabinet.

1) Shea Butter & Blueberry Face wash

Blueberry is an effective ingredient because of its richness in antioxidants. It exhibits incredible potency in improving the skin texture. Sadly, there aren’t many face washes that make use of BlueberryThe Skin Story expended hours and resources researching Blueberry and how to integrate it with a face wash.

The efforts gave birth to Shea Butter & Blueberry Facewash. The witch hazel formulation lies at the heart of this face wash. The richness of its ingredients makes this facewash potent in tightening and refining skin pores making skin soft and clear.

No doubt this facewash deserves a place in your skincare kit. People with oily skin must make a special note. Daily face wash with this product will clean off dust, dirt and excess sebum clogged in the deep recesses of your skin. Its brilliant formulation and super-effective results have earned a spot for the best face wash for oily skin.

2) Mineralizing Witch Hazel Face Pack

Your skincare cabinet is incomplete without a face pack. Experts recommend face pack treatment at least thrice a week.The reason is that face packs are far more effective than facewash. A good face pack profoundly nourishes your skin by getting rid of excess sebum and dirt that gets clogged in the skin pores.

Mineralizing Witch Hazel Face Pack is special because The Skin Story has invested tremendous resources in designing the formulation of this face pack. The impeccable combination of French clay and witch hazel gives this face pack an edge over the rest of them in the market.

We know that travelling in bustling cities exposes our skin to pollutants and dust. Over time, these entities get clogged in our skin, which is where the trouble starts. This Face Pack for Glowing Skin will help you deal with this better.

Applying this face pack thrice a week is a beneficial practice. If used regularly, this face pack can deep cleanse your skin and keep it safe from the harmful effects of sebum and dust clogging in your skin pores. It is considered as one of the most effective face packs for women.

3) Hydrating And Pore Minimizing Toner

People undermine the importance of a good toner. They are not aware that pairing a toner with a face pack and face wash gives a complete skincare treatment. After cleansing your face with face wash, applying pore minimizing toner with cotton pads gives your skincare a final touch.

This is highly advisable for people with oily and sensitive skin. This toner leaves you with a soothing and anti-inflammatory effect post-cleansing. Your regular face wash and face pack treatment should follow a toner cleansing practice. It is this final touch that gives your vital nourishing.


These products have made quite a mark in the market because of their incredible potency when used together. If you are looking to buy beauty products online, then The Skin Story brings you all that you have been looking for.  Visit our online store and browse through a wide array of skin care, hair care and hygiene-wellness products.