3 Reasons Why The Skin Story Products Are Better Than Other Grooming Brands In India

04 Feb 2021

There is The Skin Story and then there are other brands. In the past year of its existence, The Skin Story has gradually established itself as one of the finest brands to look forward to. They have a loyal customer base and their reach is only expanding gradually and persistently.

In the market, where there are tons of brands if not thousands, it takes something unique and genuine to stand out. This article will explore 3 ways how The Skin Story manages to stand apart and carve its own market.

1. Expertly Formulated Products

The Skin Story pays great attention in formulating their products. They don’t rely on heavy use of chemicals and artificial stimulators. Instead, they invest more time and resources in researching other enriching ingredients. Be it Keratin, Witch hazel or French clay, they have literally pushed the horizons of skincare in India.

All their products, right from skin and hair care products to beard care and grooming products for men, are meticulously formulated to ensure supremely effective usage.

Today, when you have celebrities selling you international brands (in most cases, they don’t even use what they endorse); The Skin Story is an underdog whose sole focus is to elevate the standards of grooming products in India.

2. Extensive Use of Top Quality Ingredients

You don’t find many brands formulating their products with fine ingredients such as French clay and witch hazel. The Skin Story is one of the very few brands that go out of their way to ensure supreme grooming experience. French clay is considered as one of the best resources for skincare.

Additionally, their wide range use of witch hazel in face washes and face packs just says how careful they are about delivering excellence in grooming. Even the toners are formulated without alcohol. They maintain a clear approach towards formulating grooming products with as many natural ingredients as possible.

They refrain from using excessing chemicals and other artificial add-ons. This makes their products fairly natural and customers love them mainly because they are not afraid of any un-warned side-effects.

3. Value for Money

You don’t find products with some of the finest ingredients in the market that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. If you are browsing The Skin Story catalogue you must expect to find a lot of nourishing and enriching products in a surprisingly affordable range.

This comes from the fact that they are extremely careful about the ingredients they use. They have managed to strike a perfect chord between organic and chemical formulation.

Thereby, they manage to deliver the best in the most affordable range possible.

These three points suffice to say that The Skin Story is a promising brand that is emerging to become one of the finest local voices in the grooming market.