3 Reasons Why You Must Have A Hair Mist in Your Grooming Cabinet

21 Sep 2020

The hectic routine and travelling in city exposes our hair to various harmful dust and pollutants. These particles settle in our scalp and affect the overall health of our hair. Quite often, even a great deal of shampoo hair wash becomes a challenge.

However, a good hair mist can help you a great deal in your hair care. There are tons of hair mists in the market today. A lot of brands are now beginning to realize the true potential of a great hair mist.

As the product is on the rise, let us look at 3 benefits that you can get from daily treating your hair with hair mist.

        1. Revitalizes your hair instantly

A lot of people doubt that the liquid texture of the hair mist will dampen its texture. But all it does is provide deep moisturization. It makes it non-greasy and less oily giving your hair deep nourishment. One of the known hair mists The Skin Story Hair Mist with Kiwi Extract has highly enriching ingredients. It’s Hydrolysed Keratin and Kiwi Fruit Extract gives hair the deep nourishment it deserves by moisturizing it to the core.

        2. Adds Fragrance To Your Hair

As we know how pollution and exposure dust and other harmful particles make our hair sweaty and stinky. Give your hair a good fragrance with hair mist. When you are running out of time and can’t shampoo, you know you have hair mist to your rescue. Quick and easy to apply, you are good to go with your hair in no time.

The Skin Story’s Keratin Hair mist spray adds just the right amount of fragrance to your hair and set you up for the day.

        3. UV Protection

Hair mists are more than just a fragrance inducing spray. A lot of them in the market help enhancing hair growth, volume and deep nourishment. For instance, The Skin Story’s Keratin Hair Mist provides complete protection from the harmful UV rays.

Although quick and easy application of hair mists is one of its advantages, experts highly prefer to use it in combination with dry shampoo. By coupling shampoo with post-wash hair mist treatment, you will significantly improve the condition of your hair.

It will show not only in the volume of your hair but also its smell and the overall feeling of your hair. So, if you are looking to load your grooming cabinet with a perfect hair care products, choose from our extensive hair range.