3 Skin Care Kits for Men & Women That Takes Grooming to another Level

27 Nov 2020

Often taken as an element of luxury, we do not understand the true importance of skincare. It does not matter if you are an aspiring model/movie star or not, skin treatment is just as important as your physical health.

Modern lifestyle is immensely stress-inducing. Right from work pressure to commuting (where we are exposed to pollutants and dust), our skin (and we don’t even know about it) is silently suffering every day. If not taken proper care of, this can prove to have severe effects on your skin.

We understand the gravity of this issue, so we bring you some of the best skin care kits you can equip yourselves with. Coupling a balanced diet and exercise routine with these kits will answer all your skincare concerns.

     1. Moringa Care Duo ( Face Wash + Face Pack)

For people living in urban areas, travelling can affect the skin deeply. The pollutants, harmful particles and dirt get clogged in the skin. This needs to be dealt with urgently. This is because if turned a blind eye, it can deeply affect the health of your skin.

For addressing this, the moringa skincare combo can help you remove sebum and other impurities that are clogged in your skin. A moringa face wash combined with a moringa face pack is all that you need to get ready to face the urban hectic life. Moringa is well-known for possessing some remarkable antioxidizing and purifying properties.

Treating your skin daily morning with facial care will deeply nourish your skin. Its witch hazel contents make this a highly potent face wash.

Additionally, applying moringa face pack thrice a week can help you improve your skin exponentially. Its rich formulation with French clay helps you detoxify your skin and rejuvenate it deeply.

When practised this daily, you will see the benefits within 2 weeks.

     2. Special Pimple Care Trio ( Face Wash + Toner + Face Pack)

This face care trio combo set is made up of ginger and cinnamon facewash, toner and witch hazel face pack. This is easily one of the best pimple treatment sets.

The ginger and cinnamon face wash is richly formulated with witch hazel. This makes the face wash highly potent in minimizing the skin pores and strongly regulates the sebum production in the skin.

Using the facewash every day will help you improve the health of your skin in the longer run. You will notice that your skin has become less oily and healthy. This will only help you take care of pimples much better. Instead of treating one pimple at a time, this facewash will improve the holistic health of your skin and deal with pimples at the root level.

In addition to this, the toner will help you enhance your skin further. It enhances your skin by enriching your skin pores and tightening them. Your skin will regain its glow and become soft and supple.

Finishing this trio with a witch hazel face pack is a smart move by the makers. This face pack is formulated with rich ingredients such as French clay and witch hazel. These ingredients are known for their skin enriching properties.

Treating your skin with this face pack at least thrice a week will improve your skin health immensely.

     3. All in one Men’s Grooming Kit

This kit is a huge sigh of relief for men. It comes with everything men need to equip their grooming cabinet with. Be it facewash, aftershave gel or hair styling cream; this grooming kit deals with all the essential skincare needs.

It has an energising facewash that will revitalize your skin deeply. Its rich ingredients will not only nourish your face but also leave you feeling completely refresh and all ready to take on the world.

The highlight of this kit is the hair and body wash energy blaster. Just a small amount of this on your loofah and wash your skin and hair. Try it once and you will realize that body wash is not the same anymore.

Haircare needs are specially taken into consideration. This men’s grooming kit comes with hair cream and styling gel. This paraben-free hair cream gives your hair the right amount of hold without affecting the health of your hair. It is equipped with Pro-Vitamin B5 that protects your hair from splitting and breaking.

Lastly, its keratin shampoo completes this kit. Give an edge to your fight against hair drying and damaging by replenishing your keratin levels.

This kit is a must if you wish to take holistic grooming to another level. Enhance your skin and hair health with this encompassing kit.