3 Ways To Prevent Yourself From Common Surfaces During Covid-19

26 May 2021

If your routine involves frequent grocery shopping and Amazon delivery pickups, then you, at some point, wondered if you are getting exposed to the virus. According to some health experts, coronavirus spreads mainly from one person to another through droplets. The virus potently infects when the affected person talks, coughs, or sneezes. This is one of the key reasons why WHO stress so much on social distancing.

Last year, the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention recognized the possibility of contracting the virus by touching contaminated surfaces. If you are vigilant and thorough practice hygiene, then the probability is pretty low.

Naturally, wearing a mask and keeping a safe physical distance from others is of paramount importance. However, we also need a kind of Fruits & Vegetables wash Cleanser that helps us sanitize the surfaces of groceries as well. All of this comes down to one basic question: How do you prevent yourself from exposing yourself to infected surfaces.

1.  Frequent Sanitization Of Your Hands After Contacting Common Surfaces

Firstly, you must be mindful when you contact common surfaces. It is a crucial practice, and you need to follow it regularly. Say you are in a public space and twist a doorknob to get in a room. Your next impulse should be to sanitize your hands.

You cannot be complacent when you are outdoors. The Skin Story Hand Cleansing Gel formulated with 70% alcohol, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E is a compact sanitizer that fits easily in your pocket. Carry it with you and ensure you sanitize your hands regularly.

The Hygiene Story Hand Wash, with Moringa & Tea Tree Oil is another such product that you can use for highly hygienic hand wash. These products are two of the best liquid hand sanitizers online in India.

 2.  Practice Thorough Washing Of Vegetables & Foods Before Consumption

When it comes to vegetables, health experts suggest washing them thoroughly in running water. Although there is no empirical evidence of virus on the surface of vegetables, there remains a possibility which you cannot (must not) ignore.

The Skin Story understands the magnitude of the situation. That is why; we bring you this one-of-a-kind vegetable wash liquid in India that is powered with Silver Ion Technology. Our team of experts spent months researching the ingredients and formulations. The result is a highly effective fruit cleanser that helps you get rid of all bacteria, wax chemicals, grime, pesticides, fungicides, and other toxicants present on the surface of fruits and vegetables,

This Fruits & Vegetables Wash Cleanser is a must-keep because even running water cannot help you cleanse the vegetables in such depth as the Skin Story cleanser does. Mix 20 ml of the solution in plain water, stir it thoroughly, and soak vegetables for 10 minutes. This will increase the shelf life of the vegetables exponentially.

3. Sanitize Surfaces With Skin Story Multi-Purpose Wipes

These wipes comprise 70% alcohol, witch hazel, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E. After picking up your amazon delivery, make sure you sanitize your hands and clean the parcel thoroughly with a multi-purpose wipe.

The Skin Story Multi-Purpose Wipes removes germs, dirt, and bacteria from surfaces. Be it doorknobs, keys, tables, car gates, cardboard boxes, or mobile phones, and plastic surfaces, and these wipes demonstrate high potency in deeply sanitizing common surfaces.

Don’t risk your life with complacency. When it comes to sanitizing your surroundings, you cannot rely on rags of clothes laden with phenyl. These wipes are tried and tested for high potency in cleansing the surfaces deeply.


When it comes to sanitizing your surrounding objects, you cannot rely on complacent water washing. That is why our well-crafted and formulated wipes, Fruits & Vegetables Wash Cleanser, and sanitizers are the need of the hour. Our experts have carefully formulated these products using highly potent ingredients. Visit our online store to know more about our products.