4 Essential Things To Follow To Manage Hair Fall

27 Apr 2020

We all have at some stage got worried about losing too much hair. While in some cases it might be the routine hair shedding and in some cases it might be due to poor hair health. In any case, it is validly alarming. It is true that hair is the reflection of our health.

Hence, we must be proactive about keeping good care of our hair. A lot of things go into improving your hair health. Right from changing your lifestyle, diet to using the right hair care products, your hair needs your special attention.

With tons of material on the internet about it you are bound to lose your head around it. So, we have, on the basis of thorough research, laid out the essential pointers that will help you manage your hair fall far more effectively.

         1. Change your lifestyle:

Yes, that is right. You have to change your basic habits to improve your health. As mentioned above, your hair is the reflection of your health. You have to be regular about your exercise. Along with that, you have to be specific about your diet as well. You will do great good to not only your health, but also your hair, by including vital proteins and vitamins in your diet.

One thing that is crucial to note is to avoid your hair from getting sweaty. Now, summer being round the corner, you will have to be cautious about this.

         2. Regular Hair Cleansing

This one is a no brainer. You should wash your hair at least every alternate days. This is because the air quality in the cities is extremely poor. Our hair gets exposed to dust and pollutants. Hence, we must ensure we clean our hair every two days if not every day.

There are tons of hair shampoos and conditioners in the market and all of them claim themselves to be the best. Whom do you trust? We tell you to not look further. This is because Skin Story brings you one of the best keratin shampoos in the market. It is prepared in combination with Argan oil, Vitamin E and Macadamia oil. This dynamite of a combination gives your hair the essential nutrition it requires giving it a luminescent glow. Finding its way into the kit of every expert, this shampoo is easily the best shampoo for hair fall in the market.

It is the best hair fall shampoo for all hair types. Treat your hair with Skin Story’s new Sulphate free Keratin Shampoo that cleanses thoroughly and reconstructs your damaged hair by boosting the natural keratin levels. This essentially strengthens the cuticles.

         3. Give Your Hair Regular Oil Treatment

We all know the benefits of oiling our hair. We criminally undermine the benefits of a good old hair massage. It is amazing how the health of our hair is boosted by just massaging your scalp twice a week. Mainly it boosts the blood circulation which further boosts the strength of your hair follicles. Oil massages also reduce dandruff significantly.

Additionally, you can also try oiling your hair before you sleep followed by a hair wash in the morning. This is mighty helpful. But what is really important here is the hair conditioner you use after hair wash.

          4. The Final Solution: Keratin Shampoo and Conditioner

A good hair oil treatment should be followed by shampooing and conditioning of your hair. Skin Story’s Keratin shampoo helps you gently cleanse your hair and reconstruct the damaged hair by nourishing the keratin levels.

It comes with Argon oil, Vitamin E and Macadamia oil that works just right for your hair health. And for perfect results, after shampooing you must condition your hair with Skin Story’s hair conditioner. It helps hydrate your scalp and detangles your hair immediately. It is one of a kind product made with olive oil and vitamin E. This is one of the reasons why Skin Story’s Keratin Conditioner is regarded as one of the finest hair repair conditioners.