4 Must-Have Body Care Products To Fight The Scorching Summer Heat

30 Mar 2021

As summer is looming on the horizon, we find ourselves shopping for summer essentials such as summer wear, body lotions, and what not. After all, summers are getting hotter with each passing year.

Believe it or not, summer shopping is actually a thing. Be it for facing the sun outdoors with confidence or essential grooming products; you cannot simply go unprepared.

Along with looking for comfortable apparel and ensuring you are hydrated, you must also make some grooming cabinet changes. The Skin Story, for starters, brings you an effective range of body care products to protect your skin from the scorching heat.

1. Scintillating Blueberry Shower Gel

 Blueberry shower gel makes use of blueberries and olive oil. These ingredients exhibit great potency in moisturizing and nourishing your skin holistically. Naturally, our experts have ensured that you get the best showering experience.

This showering gel is literally an explosion of freshness. Apply a small amount on your loofah and lose yourself in the misty lather that only promises to give you a deeply nourishing experience. As per a survey conducted at the end of last year, The Skin Story Blueberry Shower Gel topped the popular poll as a summer essential. It is fair to say due to the masterful formulation by our experts, this gel is easily one of the best body washes in India.

 2. Revitalizing Shea Butter & Blueberry Face Wash To Keep Your Skin Hydrated

Our experts spent a great deal of time researching the best ingredients for skin care. This face wash is formulated with Shea Butter and Blueberry, making it an ideal face wash for summer. The scorching heat can have adverse effects on your skin. To tackle this, wash your face twice a day with this face wash.  

Witch Hazel lies at the heart of its formulation. It is no wonder that it helps in tightening and refining the skin pores leaving your skin soft and refreshed.

3. 2-in-1 Energy Blast for Men, Hair & Body Wash

With ingredients such as nutrient hair, essential minerals, and sodium PCA, this body wash is a must-have. This product promises a thorough body and hair wash. As the name suggests, this body wash gives you a profoundly refreshing bathing experience.

Its rejuvenating lather leaves you with a deep feeling of hydration and relaxation. Try out today and experience the rich lather of this hair and body wash. When it comes to body care products, this one has upped the game and is regarded as one of the best body washes in India.

4. All-Round Body Protection from Harsh Summer Heat

The Skin Story is proud to present to you the SMART body lotion with Keratin formulation. It astonishingly replenishes your keratin levels. This is hugely beneficial to tackle the harsh UV rays.This body lotion deeply hydrates your skin, enhances its innate elasticity, and leaves your skin firm and supple.

To protect your skin from the scorching summer heat, equip your body care products cabinet with Skin Story’s Keratin Body Lotion. The body care products mentioned above will provide you with the utmost skin protection and it is advisable to use them regularly. Along with this, drink plenty of water, eat healthy food, and exercise regularly to maintain good holistic health this summer. Do you have any tips on preparing for the summer? Let us know in the comments.