4 Tips for Men to Up Their Hair Care Game

12 Jan 2021

The lockdown left men’s hair care at the mercy of their own hands. The pandemic has turned our focus, rightfully so, completely onto the hygiene aspect of our routine. Amid all of this, we have completely forgotten about our hair.

Even though some of the salons are now opening up throughout the country, it is important to learn to take care of your hair. Hair care for men is not rocket science; this article will assure you of that. We will explore the basic hair care tips that will help you treat your hair better.

1. Do Not Skip Hair Wash

Now that your commute has been restricted, you might think your hair is fine because it is not exposed to pollution and dust. Well, not washing your hair for a long period of time can affect your hair’s health immensely.

Routine hair shampooing and conditioning is a key practice for fine hair. With tons of hair conditioners for men available in the market, picking the right product is job half done. Keratin Advanced Care Conditioner is by far one of the best conditioners you can get your hands on. This is mainly because it is expertly formulated with Keratin and vitamin E. It also has NutricertHair that helps repair damaged cuticles by enhancing the lustre and shine of the hair. Conditioning your hair with these ingredients will deeply hydrate your scalp.

Couple this with restorative keratin shampoo to strengthen and moisturize your hair. This shampoo will help you shield your hair against dryness and dehydration of your hair scalp. Both these products used in conjunction during hair wash will help you take great care of your hair.

2. Maintain a Healthy Scalp

Merely shampooing and conditioning is not enough for maintaining a healthy scalp. You must massage your hair with oil thrice a week. A nice dadi ke hath ka oil massage at night before you sleep will help accentuate blood circulation in your scalp.

This will not only improve your scalp health but also strengthen your hair cuticles. On doing this regularly, you will notice your hair become healthy and rehydrated.

3. Hair Cream for Stronger Hair

You must have been told by many people to get rid of hair gels. They are right in saying so because hair gel does nothing but harm your hair.

When heading out and you feel you hair is out of sorts, do not resort to the brylcreams and other hair hardening substances. It can brutally destroy your hair cuticles and surely lead to baldness.

Daily Hair Cream, 100g is expertly designed to give your hair the right hold without hardening it. Rich with Pro Vitamin B5, this cream is made to protect your hair from splitting. This is definitely one of the finest hair styling products, men can get their hands on.

4. Maintain a Healthy Diet

They say your hair is a reflection of your health. This shows how important a healthy and well-balanced diet is for healthy hair. You must reject junk and oily food. Include vitamin rich fruits and vegetables along with regular exercise which will contribute to not only your physical health but also to your hair and skin.