5 Essential Hygiene Products That You Must Look For During The Pandemic

04 Nov 2020

It is imperative to use effective hygiene products and use them correctly in order to maintain good hygienic standards. This holds true for both public and industrial hygiene.

There are tons of hygiene products available in the market today. However, it is best advised that you use the ones that are not formulated chemically.

Let us look at some of the most effective hygiene products that you must definitely consider for utmost hygiene especially during these trying times.

        1. Hand Cleansing Liquid ( Sanitizer), 70 % Alcohol, 500 ml

This hand cleansing liquid is formulated with aloe vera, vitamin E and 70% alcohol concentration. Its thoroughly organic ingredients make this sanitizer highly potent. It bears no risk imposed by various chemicals often found in other sanitizers.

It kills all the hazardous bacteria on your hands leaving them refreshed without any kind of stickiness. This liquid also exhibits high cleaning potency on surfaces such as doorknobs, lift buttons, furniture and so on.

During the pandemic, this sanitizer has gained more importance because of its high potency against dangerous bacteria and infection-causing viruses.

        2. Vegetables & Fruit Cleanser, With Silver Ion Technology

Today, more than ever, it has become immensely crucial to thoroughly clean the vegetables before using them. The pandemic has made the practice of hygienic cleansing of the vegetables hugely imperative.

This fruit and vegetable cleanser helps your vegetable and fruits get rid of bacteria, wax chemicals, pesticides, fungicides and other toxicants that may be present on the surface.

Along with thorough sanitizing, this cleanser also improves the shelf life of the vegetables and fruits.

        3. Hand Cleansing Gel With Pump

This hand cleansing gel is formulated with aloe vera, vitamin E and high alcohol concentration. A mere 0.5 ml of gel can thoroughly sanitize both your palms.

Additionally, it does not leave your palms wet or sticky. Rub them thoroughly after applying it on your palms and leave them moisturized and dry.

It is highly potent against harmful bacteria and viruses. It is preferred to be used frequently when you get in contact with someone outside.

        4. Multi-Purpose Cleaning Wipes

These one-of-a-kind multi-purpose cleaning wipes are formulated with Vitamin C, Witch Hazel and 70% alcohol concentration.

Typically used on tables, doorknobs, keys and so on. During the pandemic, high hygiene standards are no longer considered as a luxury. They have very much become the need of the hour. These multi-purpose cleansing wipes guarantees thorough sanitization on objects and make sure you keep all the hazardous infections at bay.

         5. Hand Wash, with Moringa & Tea Tree Oil

This highly organic hand wash is made up of moringa and tea tree oil. It has rich anti-bacterial properties that kill dangerous & infection-causing viruses.

Additionally, it leaves your hands feeling completely refreshed with a beautiful revitalizing fragrance. This anti-bacterial hand wash is a must keep if you want to take your hygiene standards to another level.

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