5 Highly Effective Ways to Treat Dry Skin

08 Jun 2020

The skin naturally produces oil called sebum. Most of us do not know that sebum is an essential element that helps skin stay hydrated and keep our cells from infection. 

However, when the skin produces this oil in excess we can see the formation of pimples on our skin. And if the skin does not create enough sebum can lead to skin dryness. Skin that is not creating or replenishing enough sebum can become dry.

As we know, dry skin can be itchy and it may look flaky and develop red patches. This is because the dry skin is completely dehydrated and lacks water.

Some of the causes for dry skin are:

        - Cold weather

        - Dry air

        - Unbalanced skin pH

        - Diabetes

        - Smoking

It is quite normal to have dry skin. People take a lot of measures for treating dry skin. Let us look at some of the most effective ways to treat dry skin.

        1.  Daily Moisturization

This proven technique of daily treating your skin with moisturizers, ointments and creams helps promote water retention.

The Skin Story’s Shea Butter & Blueberry Facewash is enriched with anti-oxidants. But most importantly it is made up of witch hazel formulation that tightens and refines pores and moisturizes your skin completely.

Thereby, this face wash balances your skin’s PH level making it refreshing and glowing. Hence, it is regarded as the best face wash for dry skin in the market.

        2.  Practice Routine Exfoliation

What we do not know is that skin develops new skin cells and sheds the old cells also called as dead cells. This process typically takes a month long time.

If a proper removal of this dead skin is not done then they get stuck on the surface and may lead to clogged pores.

So, how do you deal with this? This is where skin exfoliation comes into picture. With lots of chemical exfoliators available in the market, it is safer to opt for mechanical exfoliation.

The Skin Story brings forth Moringa Face Gentle Scrub; it is a face cleanser scrub. It helps deep cleansing exfoliation that helps remove dead cells and black heads. All you need to do is dampen your face and neck and massage with finger tips gently. After 10 minutes, rinse off your face with water and pat dry with towel.

This will not only help you exfoliate your skin but it will refine your skin and tighten the pores making it look soft and supple.

       3.  Treat your dry skin with face pack

Along with exfoliation, if you treat your skin with face pack you will remove excess of dirt and pollutants that are clogged in your pores. This helps in regulating your skin pH level and maintaining at optimum level.

The Skin Story’s Witch Hazel Face Pack has made quite a buzz in the market. For all the right reasons of course! It is lauded as the best face pack for glowing skin. It is made up of French Clay and witch hazel formulation that absorbs excess of dirt and pollutants that help refine the skin pores making them tight and supple.

This helps in helping your skin get moisturized and balance its pH level.

       4.  Utilize Humidifier

Yes, it’s true. Air conditioned environment helps remove moisture from the air and the skin. Therefore, a person with dry skin must try using a humidifier instead and limit their use of AC or heating.

Humidifier helps best because it introduces some moisture in the environment which is just perfect for dry skin.

       5.  Body Lotion for moisturizing your skin

You must have definitely seen a log of advertisements about how body lotion helps moisturize your skin. Well, yes what they say is true.

The Skin Story believes in the magical powers of body moisturizers. Hence, they have introduced Keratin Body Lotion that makes use of SMART (soothing, moisturizing, anti-ageing, restructuring & touch) multifunctional active ingredients.

This powerful blend protects the skin from UV rays. Most importantly, the keratin formulation in the lotion helps increase the hydration of the skin making it soft and refreshing. It has already created a lot of buzz in the market because of its effective way of treating dry skin. Hence, it is also regarded as the best body moisturizer.

All the skin care products mentioned above can be easily shopped online from The Skin Story’s online shop. With wide range of skin and health care products, their vast catalogue holds some of the best products you will find in the market today. Thoroughly formulated with some of the best elements, these skin care products exhibit high potency in treating your skin and hair.