Why do men have different range of grooming products?

06 Jul 2020

In the last 15 years, times have changed immensely. Today, grooming products have become a part of our social and cultural fabric which was not the case before. Owing to extensive advertisements and marketing by big companies that these product range has become widely used.

But most of all, we all have this one question. Why do we have separate skin care products for men and women? Are there differences in their skin? Let us look at this in much depth.

Is men’s skin really different to women’s skin?

The answer is, Yes! Men have thicker skin with larger and denser pores. Because of this their skin does not get affected by ageing as much as women’s do. Men’s skin also consists of more collagen and with bigger pores they also produce more sebum.

Hence, you’ll find more men with oily skin than women. These differences between men and women’s skin are caused due to hormonal differences. One such hormone is testosterone, that is chiefly found in men.

Androgens such as testosterone have a great effect on the thickness of the skin and the quantity of sebum is produced in the skin’s sebaceous glands. As men have huge density of testosterone, their skin usually is much thicker and oilier than that of women’s.

This basically means that men are more likely to get spots and blackheads than women. So, men should be extra cautious about their skin. Wow, this is a revelation indeed! Let us look at some products that are really important and should definitely make their way into men’s grooming cabinet.

       1.  Face Wash For Men

As we have read already how men’s skin is more vulnerable to sebum production, spots and blackheads. So, it only makes sense for men to opt for good face washes. The Skin Story brings forth one of the best face washes in the market. The Beard Story Energizing Daily face wash for men is formulated with essential minerals and witch hazel making it perfect for men’s skin.

With dense and larger pores, they produce more sebum and have more clogged pores.  This face wash gives deep cleansing and helps get rid of dirt, excess sebum and pollutants.

So, it is a no brainer for men to opt for this face wash.

        2.  Beard Care Products

This has been a huge range of products that has risen to popularity in the last 5 years. Rightly so, this is because men need to take special care of their beard. Keeping this in mind The Beard Story has an extensive collection of beard products.

One of their bestsellers is The Beard Story Beard Oil. With special formulation of Argan oil, almond, macadamia, jojoba and olive oil and vitamin E, this is the most mineral and vitamin rich beard oil in the market today. It promises to smoothen your beard and boost beard growth like no beard oil can do. You can couple this with their Beard Softener Cream.

Additionally, they also house beard and moustache styling wax. The formulation of natural Beeswax, Shea Butter, and three potential oils, makes this product stand out from the rest. Along with giving your beard a good hold it also enriches it with rich nutrients and minerals.

        3.  Hair Care Products for Men

The Beard Story houses a fine range of hair care products for men. Right from conditioner to hair styling gel, they have it all.

Their one of a kind Keratin Advanced Care Conditioner is rich in almond oil, keratin and other nutrients that provide your hair with softness and nourishment. It helps men deal with hair fizziness and nourish hair cuticles.

The Beard Story also houses Keratin Repair Shampoo. It helps fight hair dryness and repairs the damaged and dehydrated hair and gives it a lustrous shine.

Their extensive catalog also has Hair Gel for men that give a strong hold. It strengthens your hair and tames down fizziness leaving it smooth.