A Comprehensive Skin Care Guide: 4 Essential Products For Treating Pimples Effectively

19 May 2021

Acne affects nearly 85% of people. Pesky pimples are one of the symptoms, and we know how annoyingly tricky they are to get rid of. Its conventional treatments risk severe side effects such as skin irritation and intense dryness.

Dealing with adamant pimples is excruciating when you don't have the right products. This is why we are here. The Skin Story has crafted effective face washes and skin care products that specialize in fighting pimples based on intense research and study.

Let this article guide you through these skin care products and understand how, with the right ingredients, you can combat pimples and acne for better, cleaner, and softer skin.

1. French Red Clay & Rose Hip Facewash

Commutation exposes us to hazardous pollutants and dust particles that clog deep into our pores. Well, it doesn't sound alarming, but it gradually impacts the overall health of your skin. This lays the very foundation of pimples and acne. Experts suggest that a good skincare routine is instrumental in tackling pimples and acne.

The Skin Story's French Red Clay & Rose Hip Facewash is crafted especially for this. Its rich formulation of French red clay, rosehip and witch hazel creates a solid combination for deep cleansing. Two facewash sessions a day – one in the morning and another later in the day after you return from work – will cleanse your skin deeply and prevent pimples from even growing in the first place.

Its well-crafted formulation and high potency in dealing with spots are a testament to The Skin Story's determination to deliver highly effective skincare products.

2. Ginger & Cinnamon Facewash

Ginger and cinnamon are two key ingredients when it comes to fighting pimples and acne. Their skincare use goes back to ancient times. The Skin Story cannot help but craft a skincare product that uses its rich properties and formulate a pimple control facewash with ginger and cinnamon.

This witch hazel pimple clearing facewash is one of the most effective face washes for treating pimples and acne. Perfect for treating normal and oily skin, this ginger face wash will expunge dirt, excess oil, and sebum from the deep pores of your skin.

3. Re- Mineralizing Witch Hazel Face Pack for Pimple Treatment

This Re-mineralizing witch hazel face pack has French White Clay at the heart of its formulation. After applying it, let it dry for 10-15 minutes, and the face pack will do its work. As you are busy leafing through a magazine, this face pack will absorb the sebum, dirt, dust, and other pollutants. Once the face pack gets dried up completely, wash it off with lukewarm water.

This will cleanse the skin effectively, and routine face pack treatment will improve your skin's health. It is not for nothing that this product is one of the best face packs for pimples.

4. The Skin Story Hydrating and Pore Minimizing Toner

This alcohol-free toner uses witch hazel at the core of its formulation. It caused quite a stir in the market by its ability to tighten the skin pores. Accompanying face wash and face pack with this toner is a wise choice.

Let us explore why this is so. Chiefly, the source of pimples is the dirt, pollutants, and sebum clogged in your skin pores. Applying this toner daily will eventually help you maintain spotless skin. Additionally, it leaves an anti-inflammatory and soothing effect giving your skin an overall treatment. It is the best pore minimizing toner.


These skin care products are available in our online store. If you are looking to load your skincare cabinet with effective pimple control products, don't look further than this list. We have everything that is needed.

It is crucial to balance your healthy routine with some of the best beauty products. This will only help you enhance the holistic health of your skin. Order your skincare products today, and feel free to let us know your experience of using them in the comment section.