All That You Need To Know About 70% Alcohol Wipes

24 Jul 2020

Rubbing alcohol wipes have grown increasingly popular these days due to the outbreak of the pandemic. These wipes are nothing but multi-purpose cleaning wipes with high concentration of alcohol. 70% alcohol concentration is efficient in eradicating the growth of bacteria completely from your skin.

Essentially it is used for preventing bacterial skin infection from minor scrapes. The Skin Story sensed how important alcohol based wipes are and we bring you some benefits of these wipes.

Perfect treatment for bacterial infections

      1. Perfect for Sanitizing Objects

The Skin Story’s Multi-Purpose Cleaning Wipes exhibit high efficiency in sanitizing a lot of essential objects. Right from door knobs, steel bars to keys, car gates, furniture, mobile phones and many more, these wipes can help you keep your surrounding highly resistant towards foreign viruses.

This has impressed a large population during this outbreak of the pandemic and hence making it an ideal buy.

      2. Perfect for Hygienic Purposes

These all-purpose cleaning wipes make way in perfect hygiene kit. The high level of alcohol concentration makes sure that the hands are prevented from bacteria, viruses and organisms.  Alcohol based hand sanitizer gels have grown immensely popular during these times because of high level of hygiene it offers.

It is formulated with Vitamin C and witch hazel which makes it a great sanitizing hands and making sure that it is immune from foreign organisms and viruses.

      3. Easy to Carry and Sanitize

70% alcohol Multi-Purpose wipes are perfect for sanitizing all objects. Be it door knobs, keys, railings, and tables.

Maintaining strong hygienic habits to prevent from covid19 infection has become then need of the hour. Keeping that in consideration, The Skin Story’s multipurpose wipes is a humble effort to help people from not getting exposed to the virus.

Easy to carry wherever you go, these wipes make sure that the surfaces are thoroughly sanitized and the possibility of infection exposure is reduced to 0%. You can use it in public transports and spaces where there is a high risk of infection exposure.

The Skin Story’s Multi-Purpose Cleaning Wipes - 70 % Alcohol is powerfully formulated with high concentration alcohol, vitamin c and witch hazel making it a lethal combination to prevent our skin from germs, dirt and viruses.