Control And Manage Frizz with Hair Serum

12 Sep 2019

In today’s world of fast-paced living any product that helps to make life easier for us becomes an instant hit. Hair serum is one product that can definitely help to make people with frizzy hair to obtain that silky, super-soft and glossy hair so widely featured in numerous advertisements.

What is Hair Serum?

Hair serum, a silicone-based item coats the hair surface and does its magic much differently than hair oil which works on the hair structure. Hair serum offers several benefits such as preventing entanglement of hair, helping to reduce frizz, offering protection against UV rays and dust pollutants.

Getting the Right Product

It is essential to choose a hair serum that is best suited to your hair. You can make a choice after knowing the type of hair you have, the extent of its dryness or oiliness; fineness or waviness and so on. There is a wide array of such hair serums for frizzy hair in the market and it is better to always go for a top quality brand. It may cost a little more but will prove beneficial in the long run.

The Right Way to Apply Hair Serum

Take a few drops on the palm of your hand depending upon the hair length. The drops can range from three to seven or so. Application is more effective while the hair is towel-dried after a hair wash. So, begin applying the drops starting from the tip and working upwards. You can flip the hair over your face for the application. After massaging the tips you can take a few more drops to massage your scalp. Lastly, ensure that the serum is applied all over your hair.

Hair Care Routine Post Application

After application, brush your hair in the downward direction for removal of tangles if there are any. Blow dry the hair as otherwise grime and dust can easily stick to the damp hair. It is necessary to use a hair serum before using a straightener as the serum will offer a protective shield against the overheating from the straightening process.

Tips for Effective Usage

Matching the purchase of your hair fall shampoo online and the conditioner with the hair serum helps to make for an effective combination. The serum needs to be used in moderate quantities and used on damp and not wet hair. Use the serum wisely and you will soon have shiny, glossy hair you always wanted.