How Often You Should Scrub

12 Sep 2019

Exfoliation is one sure shot way of obtaining a smooth and soft skin that looks brighter and radiant. However, too much of it can be bad as it can lead to dry skin and cause for issues like acne to occur. It is very essential that you know how often you ought to scrub to get all the desired benefits.

Getting Familiar with Types of Exfoliators

There are basically two kinds of exfoliators; the physical and the chemical ones. Physical ones include scrubs such as salt, sugar, apricot and beads variations while the chemical ones include beta hydroxyl acids like salicylic acids and alpha hydroxyl acids like lactic acid and glycolic acid. These enzyme based formulas are more effective besides being gentler on your skin and some of the best face scrub products today feature these formulas. After knowing the types of scrubs the next step is to know which among the whole lot is best for your skin type.

Frequency of Use

There are several schools of thought on the number of times to use an exfoliant per week; nevertheless all agree that over- exfoliating is definitely harmful to the skin. An ideal routine could be to exfoliate about twice or thrice per week if the skin type does not fall in the sensitive skin category. For sensitive skins it is okay to exfoliate once a week.

However, another school of thought exists and this states that it is perfectly okay to scrub your face daily provided the scrub is jojoba-wax or cellulose based scrub. This scrub is very mild and gentle and will not cause over-exfoliation. But if the scrub in use is an apricot, walnut or any other derma-abrasion based one then the usage should be restricted to once a week only. If the skin is slightly mature then scrubbing two times a week is okay.

Precautionary Tips

Use The Skin Story Moringa Face Gentle Scrub, Deep Cleansing Exfoliator. Best face scrub products leave the facial skin smooth and soft to touch and glowing. But if you go overboard with exfoliating then the protective shield offered by the top layer of the skin with regard to retaining moisture will be lost and skin can get dry, red or irritating. If you notice any of such symptoms then it is better to change your exfoliant or cut down on the frequency of use. Individuals with dry skin will not be able to tolerate harsh products while those with oily skin can. Those with distinct skin conditions need to begin with very mild products and slowly increase their frequency.