How to Prevent Pimples with this Magical Face Wash- Ginger and Cinnamon

11 Sep 2019

Having a smooth and clear skin is an attribute on the wish-list of every male and female. But a majority of individuals are affected by acne breakouts. Though acne may not be a life=threatening condition it does undermine the confidence and self-esteem of the individual. One resource that can counteract pimples is the combination of ginger and cinnamon.

Attributes of Ginger Counteractive to Acne

Ginger is proved to destroy germs causing acne. The varied chemicals in ginger like shogaols, zingibain, gingerols and others help to reduce discomfort and irritation caused by pimples. Ginger not only strikes at the symptoms of acne but hits at the roots of the ailment. Blood flow is stimulated and its vitamin and mineral content helps in rejuvenating your complexion on an everyday basis.

Attributes of Cinnamon Counteractive to Acne

Just as cinnamon helps to spice up any sweet or savory it helps to give a boost to your skincare routine. One of the main ingredients of several face wash and scrubs treating acne, cinnamon offers benefits to the skin in several forms. It enhances blood circulation to the skin and adds to the skin’s radiance. Irritation and redness is reduced and by controlling oil production it helps in the drying of pimples. Healing of acne-struck skin is promoted and occurrences of further blemishes prevented.

Combined Attributes of Cinnamon & Ginger thru a Magical Face Wash

Having known the healing properties of cinnamon and ginger with regard to tackling acne and the resulting pimples, a face wash containing the combined power of both would prove to be highly useful. The Skin Story ginger and cinnamon facewash is the perfect product for all individuals beset with acne issues. The unique oil-free formulation of the face wash offers a tough stance against acne while at the same time gently cleansing your skin into its very depths. It also has on offer the best face wash for oily skin as well as best face wash for dry skin.

Using the Face Wash Rightly

The face along with the neck area needs to be dampened before application. The face wash has to be massaged with the tips of your fingers in gentle, upward strokes. This is followed by rinsing off with water and then patting the skin dry with a soft towel. The face wash can be easily used two times in the course of the day. Pamper your skin with this magical face wash and say goodbye to your acne!