How to Protect Your Face from Maskne? Skin Story Answers

22 Dec 2020

Maskne is a kind of acne mechanica - the type of acne football players get where the helmet rubs. In times of covid, the mask we wear, never mind they protect us from the virus, can affect your skin pores and produce maskne.

Wearing a tight-fitting mask for longer duration can expose you to the risk of getting maskne. If you have sensitive skin then you must be extra cautious. A lot has been said and written about maskne and its prevention measures. The dense literature on this topic can leave you confused wondering where to start from.

Hence, on the basis of intense research and study, we have noted down some of the key preventive measures that will give you a clear idea about how to deal with maskne.

1. Be Mindful about the Type of Mask You Wear

It is completely up to you to decide how you want to balance the weight of the face mask material and the degree of protection it gives you. Dermatologists suggest 100% cotton material mask as they give your skin considerable room to breathe. As you are bound to get sweaty, it is really important you wash it regularly. If not done, the dust and dirt accumulated on the mask can harm your skin health.

2. Follow a Skin Care Routine

In order to get rid of acne, you must treat your skin the way you treat it when preventing acne on face. Yes, you must drink lots of water. Additionally, follow a healthy diet. But above all, you need some really powerful skincare products that help you keep your skin pores healthy.

The Skin Story Ginger & Cinnamon Facewash is one of the most efficient pimple control face washes in the market. Its potency is mainly attributed to the excellent formulation with ginger, cinnamon and witch hazel.

This face wash helps cleanse your pores deeply and prevents acne on your skin.

Combining this with a Hydrating and Pore Minimizing Toner can give your skin holistic protection from maskne. This non-alcohol witch hazel toner can tighten up your skin pores and control sebum production.

Both these skincare products will help you shield your skin from dust, dirt and poor pores health due to tight mask.

3. Stop Applying Makeup

It is crucial you consider not wearing makeup when you step out. And if you find it difficult to break this habit then a tinted moisturizer with Moringa Sunscreen, UVA & UVB Broad Spectrum Protection is recommended.  And if you have a tendency to sweat a lot then it is important you cleanse your face after removing your mask. 

These 3 points will suffice in giving you holistic protection from Maskne. When it comes to maskne, you must be extra cautious. It requires your regular attention and a nice little skin care routine as well.

If you follow the above mentioned 3 points, then rest assured that your face will be glowing lively.