How to Use a Face Pack on Healthy Skin

11 Sep 2019

A radiant and glowing skin is on the wish-list of every woman but a lot of care and efforts are needed to achieve it. One of the items among other things that will help you in this regard is a suitable face pack for your skin. You can choose the best face pack and get moving on the path to a healthy and glowing skin. Following steps explain the right way of using a face pack on healthy skin.

Choosing the right one is the first step

It is essential to know your skin type and the purpose for using a face pack. There are a number of face pack varieties in the market and being knowledgeable will help in making the right choice of the product.

Keep all materials ready

You will need a brush with soft bristles, bowl and a washcloth. You need to read the instructions of your best face pack and mix it in a bowl. Apply it with the soft-bristled brush and wash it clean after use. You can keep the prepared mask for an hour in the fridge before use for an enhanced effect.

Prepare your skin

Scrub your face before application of your face pack. You can use one of the best face scrub products for the purpose. Ensure that dirt, makeup and oil is removed from your face. Avoid applying any moisturizer. Exfoliating your skin is necessary if it has been some time since you last did it. Opening your skin pores before application is also a good idea and this can be done by holding your face above a steaming water bowl for a couple of minutes.

Application of the mask

Ensure that application of the mask is smooth and even over your face. Do not go close to your eyes and mouth but include your neck in the application. Keeping cucumber slices on your eyes will help to relax better. Set a timer for fifteen minutes which is normally the average time for almost every face pack and relax.

Removal of the mask

Gently wipe off the mask entirely from the face and neck with cold water or as per instructions on the online store bought face pack. Subsequently, apply a toner and a slight amount of moisturizer to your face.

Frequency of use

Use the face pack as per instructions depending upon your skin type and the type of face pack. Use The skin story moringa face pack and witch hazel face pack. Moringa is known for its antioxidant and purifying properties. Witch Hazel tightens and refines pores.