Keratin Hair Mist: The Most Natural and Effective Hair Mist in the Market

08 Apr 2020

Hair perfume might not necessarily be a part of your hair care routine. Well, you don’t want to have your hair smelling all nasty and look all dull when you walk into that event, do you?  If you, like many women, face these issues, then we have something that is right up your alley.

The Skin Story’s Keratin Hair Mist is the solution for tangled and dehydrated hair. Along with the required nourishment, it also provides your hair with alluring fragrance and the shine it deserves.

Up until now, you might not have tried a hair mist because it is associated with chemical additions. Well that is just alright. The Skin Story brings you a highly organic Hair Mist spray that is specially formulated with hydrolysed Veg Keratin and Kiwi Fruit Extract.

Designed carefully by experts, this Hair Mist enhances the overall health of your hair in the most organic way possible.

          1.       Keeps the hair less oily

A lot of misconceptions are associated with hair mist. One of the being that the hair mist dampens the texture of your hair.

Keratin Hair mist comes in a spray form. It does not make the hair turn oily or greasy. It improves your hair by giving your hair the right texture and enhances the volume by keeping the hair less oily.

           2.       Say Goodbye to Nasty Smelling Hair

With so much pollution and dust around, our hair is constantly exposed to these harmful elements that make our hair dirty and stinky. This is where Skin Story’s Keratin Hair Mist comes into picture. When you have less time you in your hand and your hair are at its absolute worst, what do you do? Intense anxiety and panic will only force you to take a wrong decision.

Well, you must not calm down as Keratin Hair Mist has this covered for you. After treating your hair with some Keratin shampoo, all you have to do is just spray some Keratin Hair Mist and add a long-lasting fragrance and shine to your hair. One spray of the hair mist will last approximately 12 hours minimum.

The right proportion of hair mist will help you not only enhance your hair volume and add shine and fragrance. It also helps you protect your hair from harmful UV rays.

           3.       Complete UV Ray Protection

Keratin Hair Mist has another added benefit. UV Rays can weaken the hair and make them extremely brittle and appear frail. However, Keratin Hair Mist has a solution for this as well. It helps shield your hair from harmful UV Ray

           4.      No Side Effects:

Keratin hair mist is carefully designed by the experts with absolutely veg ingredients such as Hydrolyzed Veg. Keratin & Kiwi Fruit Extract. Hence, there is no question about the side effects. This is one of the main reasons why the Keratin Hair Mist is changing the face of hair mists by improving the health of hair in the most natural manner.