The Adverse Effects Of Hand Sanitizers And What Are Their Alternatives

14 Jun 2021

The outbreak of Covid-19 has been a real eye-opener in terms of our violent disregard for simple hygiene practices. Today, sanitizers and disinfectants have become a part of our daily use. It tops the grocery list of literally all of us. As much as we are told how good these products are, we deeply inspect if they are at least half as safe as they claim them to be.

This healthy scepticism, even when it comes to some of the best hand sanitizers, is significant, especially when it comes to a hygiene product that you use regularly. This article will investigate various aspects of the harmfulness of sanitizers and look closely at their alternatives.

1. Hazardous Ingredients Can Cause Severe Health Problems

We have a misconception that sanitizers are highly potent in killing bacteria off the surfaces of our skin. However, there is a side to this that we are oblivious to. We are not aware that even some of the best hand sanitizers can disturb our body's microbiomes. This is obviously, as it sounds, really bad for us. Regular use of hand sanitizer can disturb our body's healthy bacterial balance. This is why doctors recommend using sanitizer as a second option to soap and water. 

But, if you must rely heavily on sanitizers, you must keep a keen eye on the ingredients that go into its formulation. 1-Propyl alcohol is the key ingredient found in almost all sanitizers. It is the same chemical that goes into the formulation of industrial cleaning chemicals.

Additionally, if you see methanol, wood alcohol, and methyl alcohol mentioned on the hand sanitizer's label, avoid it like plague. So the clear alternative is: resort to thorough hand wash with soap as your first option. And if you are out for some crucial work then keep a hand sanitizer with you.

2. Definite Cause Of Skin Irritation

Some hand sanitizers contain chemicals such as chlorhexidine, chloroxylenol, and triclosan. These chemicals deplete your skin's natural oils, leaving them dry and causing irritation. It disrupts the natural moisture balance making your skin more susceptible to bacteria.

The Skin Story spent ample time and resources in researching the right formulation for healthy sanitization. Being well-versed with these harmful chemicals and their adverse effects on our skin and overall health, they came out with Aloe Vera hand sanitizer which has vitamin E and Aloe Vera as its chief ingredients.

On the one hand, aloe Vera moisturizes your skin, and on the other, Vitamin E offers strong anti-oxidization. Along with it, the concentration of 70% alcohol makes it one of the best hand sanitizers.

3. Consider Anti-Bacterial Liquid Hand Wash As An Alternative

Sanitizers have an active ingredient called triclosan that develops antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Doctors and experts pointed out early last year that frequent use of such hand sanitizers can facilitate the growth of bacteria and other pathogens. It builds up resistance to antibiotics, leaving you unguarded in the face of various infections.

The Skin Story developed an anti-bacterial liquid hand wash with ethyl alcohol, Aloe vera and Vitamin E as its chief ingredients. This liquid solution works effectively on all kinds of surfaces. Be it hand wash or cleansing tables, doorknobs, mobile screens and so on.

The all-purpose liquid hand sanitizer provides anti-bacterial holistic sanitization. Therefore, it is a healthy alternative, especially during the pandemic.


The pandemic has been brutal on us, and the sad truth is that it is here to stay for quite some time. All you can do is practice the norms and follow thorough hygiene routine. The Skin Story has been at the forefront of hygiene products by pushing the boundaries and inculcating organic ingredients in sanitizers.

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