The Beard Story Presents Signature Box (5 in 1 Men’s Grooming Kit) Specially Curated By Suniel Shetty

05 Mar 2021

The image of a helpless Ghanshyam from Hera Pheri finding his way to a better life is etched on our memories. Suniel Shetty has given numerous memorable performances, but Ghanshyam is his career-best.

Well, the pity-evoking Ghanshyam is long gone. Today, Anna has become a beast of an inspiration to all those who succumb to the merciless weight of time. He has proved that if you have the will and determination, even your 50s can become your vivacious 30s.

The Beard Story identifies with the man that Suniel Shetty has made himself to be. His devil-may-care attitude and rustic look has now become the image of this brand.

And we are only proud to voice our ideals with the strong persona of Suniel Shetty. His active participation in helping us improve our products is moulding The Beard Story into a fine brand. Here, we bring you the Signature Box. This extensive grooming kit is an all-in-one self-care kit that must find its way into every man’s grooming cabinet.

Let us go through the products in the kit and see how they will help you groom yourselves better.

1. Richly Formulated Beard Oil

The Beard Story’s beard oil is finely formulated with key ingredients such as argan oil and vitamin E. Anna is hugely impressed with the potency that this beard oil possesses. Its rich formulation, when applied gently on your beard, nourishes your beard follicles. All you need to do is this: Post bath, apply and gently scrub the oil on your beard in a clockwise and anti-clockwise direction. This will boost the blood circulation and further enhance your beard growth.

2. Energizing Face Wash

This face wash is made up of essential minerals along with witch hazel that prepare you for the long and hustling day that lies ahead of you. All you need is a gentle face wash every morning before you disembark for work.

Commuting for long hours in cities can be immensely harmful as your skin is exposed to harmful pollutants, dust and other toxins. A face wash in the morning and another one after returning from work will help you keep your face protected from harmful dust and other toxins.

3. Revitalizing Hair & Body Wash

This 2-in-1 wash gives you one hell of body wash. With the help of richly formulated ingredients, this hair and body wash will leave you thoroughly revitalized and refreshed.

Start your grooming routine with a rich body wash that will set you up to conquer the day.  Men’s 2-in-1 Energy Blast Hair & Body Wash will easily become one of the crucial grooming products for you. You just need to dip your toes in the bath.

Suniel Shetty is hugely impressed with this product because of the rich and refreshing bathing experience that this body wash promises.

4. Soothing After Shave

This aftershave makes use of the herbal qualities of Aloe Vera and Witch Hazel to give your face a gentle treatment post-shave. It soothes the razor burns and nourishes your pores.

This aftershave cream is truly an essential if you care for a wholesome shaving experience. Anna is extremely mindful about his shaving experience. And the way this aftershave is formulated with its richly soothing properties, this aftershave is an essential part of this kit.

5. Ultimate Hair Cream for Nutrition & Styling

A lot of scepticism is attached to hair creams. Well, The Beard Story has set out to break them all. Firstly, this hair cream finds a perfect balance between providing nutrition to your hair and helping you style it.

It gives your hair a rich consistency and a strong hold. Be it for work or weekend parties, this hair cream is your go-to product if you wish to give your hair the right look and nutrition. Be it short-mid length hair or long hair like that of Anna’s, this hair cream is perfect for all.

The above mentioned 5 products are personally curated by Suniel Shetty. Coming from someone who is extremely careful about the products he uses for grooming, this grooming kit should find its way into the self-care kit of every man who wishes to give an edge to his grooming.