The Most Loved Face Pack In India For A Glowing Skin: 2021 Compilation

23 Aug 2021

Want to have glowing, flawless skin? You can turn this dream into reality quickly. All you need is a consistent skincare regime with a weekly face pack schedule that can work wonders. Beauticians and aestheticians worldwide recommend the usage of a face pack at least once a week. It can solve your skincare concerns.

It is one of the excellent skincare products that give you healthy-looking skin. Intentionally or not, we all have used face packs a night before a momentous occasion, only to receive endless compliments from friends and family the day after.. Can you now imagine the results if you use it consistently? We cannot emphasize enough the benefits of using a face pack.

Today, the market introduces a broad range of best face pack for oily and dry skin and other skin concerns. You can choose according to your skin type. If you are looking to buy face pack online, check out the ones from The Skin Story.

Let’s look at a few key benefits of a face pack.

1) Deep Cleansing

A good cleansing face wash followed by a face mask can boost the cleansing effect altogether. It helps clear the dirt, oil, make and other impurities from a deeper layer of skin. It detoxifies your skin to another level, leaving your skin looking fresh and clear. Buy a face pack from the Skin Story; it has a few top-rated face packs for women. Check it out!

2) Unclogging Pores

Did you know that cleansing followed by a face pack helps to unclog pores? Yes, you read it right. When you apply a face pack, it removes impurities and dead skin cells and further unclogs your pores. You’re welcome!

3) Hydrates The Skin

A face pack locks in moisture and improves the quality of your skin. If you want a thorough moisturising effect, opt for face packs with cucumber, banana, strawberry, or potato extracts. Your skin is going to thank you!

4) Prevents Aging

Your skin is constantly exposed to harsh weather conditions, sun rays, pollution, dirt, etc., which causes damage to your skin. It not only dims radiance but causes aging. Over time, you will encounter wrinkles and fine lines. A face pack can reverse this! Need we say more? Besides, treating yourself with a face pack can help you relax after a long tiring day.

Here Are Our Top Picks for a Glowing Skin

a) The Skin Story Hydrating Moringa Face Pack

It is one of our top favorites. The French Green Clay-based formula in our Moringa Face Pack absorbs excess sebum, clogged dirt, dust, blackheads & atmospheric pollutants. Moringa helps in the detoxification of the skin, making your skin healthy.

You can also opt for our The Skin Story Daily + Weekly Moringa Care Kit (Face Wash + Face Scrub + Face Pack). Our Moringa Trio effectively removes sebum, impurities, blackheads, dead skin, and clogged dirt, leaving your skin feeling cleansed and purified. Moringa is known for its antioxidant and purifying properties. Apply it every week for rejuvenated & detoxified skin.

b) The Skin Story Re- Mineralizing Witch Hazel Face Pack

It is another effective face pack for glowing skin. French clay-based formula in our Witch Hazel Face Pack absorbs excess sebum, clogged dirt, dust, blackheads & atmospheric pollutants. Witch hazel fights acne-causing bacteria and tightens skin pores leaving clearer and smoother skin.

Gentle on your skin yet very tough on pimple breakouts, this specialised oil-free pimple care trio gently cleanses your skin from deep within. Ginger & Cinnamon gets rid of acne & prevent future breakouts. Witch Hazel minimises pores and controls sebum production.

Grab from the best face packs mentioned above, if you haven’t already. Give your skin a glowing facelift with The Skin Story face packs.