The Rise of the Quarantine Beard: 5 Interesting Beard Styles You Need To Know About

27 Oct 2020

If you are wondering how your coming-out-of-quarantine look should be, then you have come to the right place. Be it attending an office virtual meet or hanging out with friends on the weekend, you simply cannot compromise with that beard of yours.

This article shows you five awesome beard styles that you can try at home simply using a trimmer and some beard products.

       1. Long Stubble

This is a classic one. All you really need for long stubble is a trimmer to trim your beard and shape it. It is a bit longer than regular stubble. Remove that extra hair around your cheeks and below the neck to give it a proper shape.

Additionally, you can use a Beard Softener cream to give your beard the stylish look that you have wanted to give.

       2. Faded beard with a buzz cut

For this look, your beard should be slightly longer than stubble. Firstly, you need to trim the neckline and give your beard a definitive shape. Then, with the help of different trimming levels, merge your cheek beard with the chin. For instance, if you the cheek beard is trimmed at level 1, then chin beard should be ideally trimmed at level 3.

Here, you can use beard softener cream to give your beard essential nourishment. You can also use beard growth oil for enrichment. These additional means of beard care are crucial for your beard maintenance.

       3. Patchy Beard Styling

A lot of men are uncomfortable with their patchy beard. But they don’t understand that patchy beard can contribute to a stylish look as well. By simply trimming off the neckline and gently shaping your cheek beard, you can give your beard an interestingly rough look.

Here, by applying beard growth oil on your cheek can be mightily helpful in boosting your beard growth.

       4. Beardstache

Beardstache is the new cool. It’s a smart combination of beard and moustache. If you are up for some quirky experiment, then this style is right up your alley. This look can be achieved by keeping short stubble and a denser moustache.

Trim down your long stubble and shape up your moustache so that it stoops down. While giving your moustache its shape, you need to be extra careful so that its sides are proportionate.

For ideal moustache care, Moustache Styling Wax is a perfect pick. Its formulation of natural Beeswax, Shea Butter, and three potent oils will help you give your beard its firmness and also serve it with essential nutrients.

       5. Bablo Beard

What gives this style an edge is that it does not have sideburns. You can get this look by keeping a fuller beard around the chin and give an edge shape near the cheekbone. This style is ideal for men with round faces.

Start by trimming the sideburns and then shape the chin beard to get that perfectly proportionate and chiselled look.

Keep in mind, that once you get that look, its maintenance post trimming is just as important. Try your hands on essential beard products and apply them regularly for thorough nourishment.

For best beard products for men in India, browse Beard Story’s impressive catalog of beard care. They house a fine range of beard care essentials that will cover all your beard maintenance needs.