The Skin Story’s Extensive Range of Sanitizers

15 Jul 2020

The Skin Story has been at the forefront of skin care for quite a long time now. They have left an indelible mark in the market with their impressive range of skin and hair care products.

With the outbreak of covid19, they have come forth with a new range of products for hygiene. Right from multipurpose cleaning swipes to hand sanitizer, they have effectively replete their inventory with highly effective sanitizers. 

It took them just 15 days to launch a completely new range of highly powerful and effective sanitizers.

This was one of their most successful feats in the recent times and The Skin Story cannot be more proud about the fact that they have set forth this task of creating something that is so essential for fighting covid19.

Let us look at 3 of their fine hygiene products help you ward off hazardous viruses and diseases.

      1.  Multi-Purpose Cleaning wipes

These all-purpose cleaning wipe are clearly impressing the audience. Made up of 70% alcohol concentration, vitamin C and witch hazel, these wipes remove germs, dirt and bacteria. They can be used to clean hands along with various objects such as door knobs, keys, car gates, tables and doors.

The outbreak of covid19 has opened us up to wide possibilities of exposure to the virus. During this time, the all-purpose cleaning swipes help you stay completely hygienic and ward off all sorts of viruses and bacteria.

      2.  Alcohol Based Hand Cleansing Gel Sanitizer

This liquid hand sanitizer consists of vitamin C and aloe vera as its essential elements. Backed with 70% alcohol concentration, making this hand sanitizer gel sanitizer an undefeatable component against the virus. This sanitizer exterminates 99.99% of bacteria on skin leaving it fresh and non-sticky.

Pour 1 to 3 ml on your palms and rub them gently until dry. This sanitizer has been an instant hit and people are buying it off because it helps them reduce the exposure to covid19 significantly.

      3.  The Skin Story Hand Cleansing Liquid

The Skin Story’s 70% alcohol based hand cleansing liquid is highly effective in preventing viral infections. It eradicates 99.99% of germs from your skin. It is also preferable to use it on objects such as keys, door knobs, railings and tables and so on.

The outbreak of covid19 has exposed a serious indifference we have towards hygiene. This liquid is perfect for maintaining thorough hygiene around you.

The Skin Story has proved that they are one of the best skin and hygiene brands in the market by launching its extensive range of highly effective and expertly designed hand sanitizers in just 15 days.

Visit our online store to check more about these products. It is better to be safe than sorry. So, make sure you sanitize your surrounding and follow a hygienic and healthy life style.