The Subtle Art Of Hair Grooming Using Skin Story Products

26 Jul 2021

You are lying on your sofa with your usual Netflix and chill program, and you see an actress flaunting her gorgeous mane. You are accustomed to dismissing this image as nothing more than a lovely daydream. But, what if we tell you that lustrous hair is very well within your hands?

Yes, you read it right. The Skin Story presents you with this short guide of comprehensive hair care products that will help you improve your hair care routine. The below-mentioned products cover all your hair care worries. So, sit back and read carefully how to rethink your hair care routine and supply overall nutrition to your scalp.

1. Provide Your Hair With Deep Nutrition Using Anti-Frizz Keratin Shampoo

Ask any hair specialist, and they’ll tell you just how vital the element keratin is for your hair’s health. The Skin Story understands its deep-rooted importance well. Their Anti-frizz shampoo for women is richly formulated with Argon oil, Vitamin E, and macadamia oil. These ingredients are nothing less than the holy trinity for glossy hair.

Apply gently on wet hair and massage your scalp and keep it so for 3-4 minutes. After, wash off the shampoo thoroughly. Voila! This simple practice every two days can provide deep nourishment to the scalp. Ultimately, you will notice how the stronger roots make out lustrous and enviable locks.  It is because of these benefits, and this product is becoming one of the best shampoos for women.

2. Complete Your Hair Wash Routine With Keratin Conditioning

We saw how a simple keratin hair wash could stimulate your scalp deeply, resulting in  rich and luminescent hair. Now, let us take this one step further. Accompany your hair wash practice with The Skin Story’s Keratin Conditioner for dry hair. It is enriched with Argon oil and Vitamin E. Post shampoo, and keratin hair conditioning is exceptionally crucial to hydrate your scalp.

The keratin conditioner for dry hair tames its frizziness with its sulphate-free formulation. Its careful formulation takes this conditioner one step further by supplying your hair with key nutrients and at the same time protecting it from any side effects.

3. Richly Formulated Hair Serum For Shiny Locks

This is easily one of the best non-sticky hair serums, and it must find its place in your hair care cabinet. It is made with argan oil, almond oil, and vitamin e; this hair serum provides all the necessary nutrients right to your scalp.

If you wish to make the most out of your hair wash routine, apply this hair serum for silky hair after the wash. It will floor you with shiny and silky hair, pretty much like the ones you saw on your Netflix. You need to dry your hair and apply a palmful of the hair serum on your hair, and you are good to go!

4. Provide Depp Moisturization  With The Skin Story Hair Mist

Not a lot has been said about hair mists. Anyway, The Skin Story knows what it’s doing when it comes out with this carefully formulated hair mist. It is deeply enriched with Kiwi extract. Dry your post-hair-wash and spray it from 6-8 inches away.

This practice is akin to giving your painting that final touch-up. However, hair specialists are not unaware of its nutritional benefits. Other than providing an exotic fragrance, it provides armor to your hair from the harsh UV rays.


Hair grooming is nothing less than art. With a healthy lifestyle and the right hair care products, you too can create a masterpiece. Each of these products is born out of intense research and the hard work of hair experts. And it reflects in the rich formulation.

Visit the online store and get better acquainted with these products. So, the next time you watch your favorite character slaying with her lustrous locks, you can very well dismiss it with a smirk, for you know you have it too.