Why and how to use after shave pore minimising gel?

25 May 2020

Are you worried about after shave acnes and pimples? Well, it is time you don’t because The Beard Story brings you a highly effective after shave pore minimizing gel. This gel comprises of witch hazel and aloe vera that minimizes the pores significantly.

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Contains no alcohol, this after shave gel minimizes the pores and cures acne and razor burns.

Let us look at some of the reasons why you should opt for The Beard Story’s after shave pore minimizing gel:

Why should we opt for The Beard Story’s After Shave Pore Minimizing Gel?

       1.   Smooth and comfortable skin

The Beard Story’s after shave gel soothes the skin completely and fights irritation effectively. It helps in treating razor burns as well. The gel bears a soothing effect that cures inflammation and bacteria related problems efficiently.

       2.   Soothing effect.

This after shave gel is well-known for its soothing after effect. Mainly because it is made up of witch hazel and Aloe Vera that helps sooth your skin.

Leaving soothing and cool effect, this after shave gel is the perfect solution for healing inflammation.

       3.    Minimizes Skin Pores

This after shave gel has special properties. You make way for a clearer and healthier skin.

By minimizing skin pores significantly, this after shave gel, first of all, reduces acne considerably. Further, it also stops pimple growth completely.

It curbs the swelling and stops discoloration and prevents future razor burn.

Now that we have looked at why we should be using The Beard Story’s after shave gel, let us know see how to apply it for the best results:

How to apply The Beard Story’s After Shave Pore Minimizing Gel?

Step 1

After the shaving is done, wipe your face gently with cleaning towel.

Step 2

Take out liberal amount of After Shave Pore Minimizing Gel in your palm and rub your hands together. Make sure you don’t rub it too intensely. It should be just enough to spread them evenly on both palms.

Step 3

After, massage your palms in upward and circular motion on your chin and cheeks. Make sure you massage gently on your cheeks for 50 seconds to 1 minute.