An MBA from MDIS, Singapore, Ravina is an ardent lover of fashion and style. She doesn’t follow a trend, rather believes in creating her own. And it’s highly inspired by her personality and likes.

Like every artist’s ideas and imagination is mirrored in his pieces of art, for Ravina, her thoughts, fancy and preferences are reflected in the way she carries herself.

When the workaholic girl boss in her is on a break from work, she finds her favorite corner and enjoys some Netflix or books. Being a creative and energetic personality, Ravina loves to travel and explore new places and things. She’s also got some Tarla Dalal hidden in her, trying her hands on cooking some exquisite food when the mood calls for.

Streethopper is a house of fashion and stylish accessories replicating her own personality. High on design and exclusivity, the accessories are not at all penny-pinching

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